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Dark Blue Metallic Brasil

19.60 €  Price

This is a metallic Goat Leather . This is achieved by applying a foil with metallic on this smooth leather.

Thickness: 09/1.1

Blue Gull

22.00 €  Price

Very nice article with a plate and milled to get a very soft touchness!!!

Thickness: 1.8/2.0

Beige Lux Soft Suede

27.00 €  Price

This Suede Leather, meaning that it is sanded from the inner side of leather, making the article more soft! Because of thickness and softness this leather can also be usable for Garment

Color Reference : x

Thickness: 1.2/1.4

Brown Taupe Ostrich...

22.00 €  Price

This is a Ostrich Embossed Leather with an amazing relief!

Thickness: 0.9/1.1mm

Temper: Soft

Leather : Calf

Crocodile Ciclone Hot Pull...

26.20 €  Price

This article is comes from Drum with special softness. After that we put special oil for blackness and after a wax so we can get this distressed broken look! In the end we put on iron plate and a milled 1 minute to increase broken look! Also this leather have a small shine look that turns more luxurious!

Color Reference : Pantone 19-0823 TPG

Thickness: 1.2/1.4